Labrador retrievers: White & Chocolate puppies San Diego
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Cheryl Yoder Life's Abundance Independant Field Representative 
Puppies shown above are from our past, and are shown here to show the quality of our pups
Hi, I'm Cheryl Yoder, and I am glad you found us!

We have been raising English Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years. With an emphasis on raising puppies to the point that they will continue their education in Therapy work. We love the Labrador Retriever because of their calm and loving temperament which is perfect for all family types. Whether you just want a great dog to take with you everywhere you go or you are a family with special needs such as Autism or need a puppy to train for different therapies such as detecting or alerting you when someone's heart stops, Anxiety, PTSD, low blood sugar, the list just goes on and on, and the Lab is the perfect dog for all these things. Over the years we have placed many pups with families from Camp Pendleton and many families with the needs above. We raise the puppies in our home so they are around all the noises of a normal busy family. My husband has Alzheimer's and it's great to see him sitting and petting our dogs when he seems to be a little lost or confused. Another way we stand out from breeders is in our guarantee; we actually do the top 6 DNA tests specific to the Labrador Retriever. We do this, so you will know your dog will not get these genetic diseases. Along with x-rays for hips and elbows from the OFFA (Orthapedic Foundation for Animals Association), this type of guarantee is better than giving you a piece of paper that says you have two years if something should show up; why not just do the most common DNA tests now and rule those out! Just makes a lot of sense to us. The DNA tests we do are EIC (exercised indued collapse), Centronuclear and Degenerative Myopathy, Cystinuria, Hereditary Nasal Parakaratosis or HNPK and PRA-PRCD (for blindness). You will receive copies of all of these in your puppy packet (or online here) along with the shot record which includes the dates the vaccines were given and stickers with the lot numbers to show your vet that they are not expired. In addition to the vaccine information you will also find the dates your puppy was dewormed and the name of the dewormer.  We are not a breeding facility per-say here in Oceanside, we do raise and train puppies so that they will be ready for further Therapy  training..Many of the dogs on our site are ours, but many are not, they may be dogs from our past who have gone on to become great companions or there may be a litter in another town who's owners/breeders or trainers want us to help get the word out that they have  availability. 

Thank you,
Cheryl Yoder

Welcome To Our Story
Welcome to Yoder Labradors

Venmo info
We specialize in home raised,very socialized pups with 
coats of pure paper white also "semi-sweet" chocolate lab 

Life's Adundance Dog Food
This is the dog food we feed all our pups and adult dogs It is the best dog food ever and it is shipped to your front door from the manufacturer 
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updated order form on the way

Below is the NuVet Company's order form for the immune and bone and joint  supplements that we use
Maui Son of Powdered Snow and Kingdom Shores Bowie Stardust are available for Stud Service
Sir Paddington Bear Bryant Del Mar Below, he is the stud we use when we are ready to breed Mahina again in mid November

OFA for hips and elbows are   done at two years of age
We do the top 6 DNA tests  specific to the Labrador  through DDC Laboratories - we  remove dew claws prior to day  5 - We feed a premium dog food  to all our dogs and puppies -  we never use pesticides (they  cause cancer)
We use Diatomaclous Earth to kill fleas and other bugs. We do the first set of vaccinations and 
Dewormings every two weeks
Below is the Yoder Family ~  We have our 4th grandson Dean Azariah Yoder born in 2020** ***Update we have a new grandson his name
 is Lennox Adrian Dixon Born 10/20/22

*My son and his fiancé,  of
 Ocean Shores Labradors have 8 of the 11 puppies  from 
Bowie and Keana BELOW ready 11/15
call Ethan at 760-470-1535 & Cintia
 at 760-522-1579
Below are our newest grandsons, Dean and Lennox
Merry Christmas From Bowie's little girl below
 Boys and Girls available NOW from this litter of 11 white pups Keana is the Mother and Bowie the Sire Call my son Ethan  760-470-1535 or Cintia at 760-522-1579  to visit these pups  check their website at
Our chocolates below, Iokua and Akela are now expecting puppies which are due 01/10/2023 for  March 10th 2023 go home date
Happy Holidays * We have White Labrador Puppies* waiting
 to go home with you on Christmas Eve! 1 boy, 8 Girls call now    
to reserve yours

The Sire is Bliss's Bruno Mars, the Dam is Kingdom Shores Powder Puff Snowy White Puppies under the tree for Christmas Morning  
 * The Christmas Wish of every big and little Boy and Girl*
Kingdom Shores Powder Puff and Bliss's Bruno Mars
          AKC,  OFA,  OFEL,  DNA   ALL CLEAR
This pup is from Mahina Koa and Sir Paddington Bryant Del Mar. We will be breeding this pair again mid November
​                       Yoder Labradors

Offering those families that want the
once in a lifetime experience,
 a pure paper white lab puppy under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!
Chocolate puppies
 just 2 weeks old call
 Stephanie at