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Cheryl Yoder Life's Abundance Independant Field Representative 
    We, the Yoder's are a family of 9 who consider our dogs family members. We love our dogs and are dedicated to the breed standard of the English Labrador Retriever, now for 18 years in Oceanside. We specialize our small breeding program by our extensive socialization program with the puppies, training of our adult dogs and our unique natural feeding and raising of all of our dogs. We only have a couple of litters each year so when you see them listed here don't hesitate to get on a waiting list.

     The Labrador Retriever is one of many breeds of the retriever hunting type. Extremely loyal and intelligent, Labradors are one of the most popular pet breeds in numerous countries, including the United States. While they still serve the purpose for which they were initially bred, which is retrieving small downed waterfowl, they are also adept at a number of other jobs including leading the blind, acting as hearing dogs, also police and military work. Their kind nature, obedience, and knack for getting along with children also gives them the reputation of being the ideal pet.

  Our extensive socialization program consists of raising puppies that are bonded to humans from the first moments of life, no cages, house raised, held like newborn babies constantly. We have a great reputation for calm, intelligent and loving dogs that are perfect for everyone, from a hunting dog to a service dog for an autistic child, to bomb sniffing dogs. Bordering Camp Pendleton we have many of our dogs going to service members with special needs for emotional support and we do offer a discount to all military and firefighters.

  We introduce our puppies to as many things as possible while they are in our care, from the swimming pool to all the strange and common noises around the house, the vacuum cleaner, coffee grinder, my son's drumming, loud rock'n roll music to my husbands chain saw etc...

  We believe a well socialized puppy makes the best adult companion. We can refer you to puppy classes, but making your lab a member of your family, including him in your daily routine is what will make the best friend you are looking for, all labs want, is to be with you doing whatever it is that you do as often as they can. When you raise a puppy in the home they will understand their place in the family "pack" if you leave them outside all day they will feel unloved and abandoned.

  Our nutrition program is of the utmost importance to us. We truly believe we are what we eat. In the past the dog foods were from human left overs, in fact many "good" brands that you pick up at the pet store have fillers like corn and by products, by products can be anything, like road kill - Don't buy them! Read the labels! I believe this is why our dogs die at only 10 - 15 years old. We feed our dogs a premium dog food that is not a premium price, it's called Life's Abundance. This dog food is processed in a "quick cook" method to guarantee freshness and high nutrient value. It is shipped out to you from the manufacturer to your front door within 3 days, never stored in a wearhouse. This was the first food I had ever seen and still today that has four different types of probiotics in it, like Acidophilus and Bifida. We feed this food to our adult dogs and our puppies can go right from nursing to this dry food and thrive! We are able to sign all of our families up on an "Autoship" program so they never have to lug around 40 lbs of dog food or worry that no one went to purchase it at whatever warehouse was available when they ran out unexpectedly. We also add in a treat sample box so you can try out all the different treats from the same company, which is important you wouldn't want to go to another pet store and buy treats which may upset their stomaches and give them runny stool. The price of the food and treats is under $45.00 per month, see why its good to bypass the middle man stores. We do also supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables for a more well rounded diet, but please check our website page feeding your pet for foods to feed or to stay away from prior to giving them something you are unsure of.

     We also suggest an immune booster supplement from the NuVet  Company.As puppies are getting stressed by vaccines and moving from our home to yours we want to make sure their immune system is up to par, we wouldn't want to be giving vaccines to a puppy who is stressed. Like dogs we people can get stressed out about life and are more susceptible to sickness and disease. This supplement is a really good idea and can be used as a training treat, it is chewable and can be broken easily into four pieces, they love them!

  We only use the minimum of pesticides on and around our dogs, this may be one reason some dogs get cancer and other strange afflictions. We do not feed our dogs pesticides and we use less than the recommended amounts of flea and tick protection. Our methods of "protection" from fleas etc are Diatomaceous earth which is a microscopic shell powder which is safe on and around animals and kids.Dawn liquid dish soap is excellent to kill fleas. Suds them up wait 10 minutes then rinse, the fleas will be dead.

Enjoy our photos and our site - we recommend that you pick up a book at your local book store like "in a Dogs' Heart" by Jennifer Arnold, and study up on the Labrador Retriever prior to visiting us, which you are welcome to do anytime, just give us a call or drop us an email or text. 

For more information on our puppies please see the link above this Welcome to Yoder Labradors greeting letter,

Thank you for spending time reading our website
Cheryl Yoder

​This is Quail Chase Serene's EZ the father of our Zion
 This yellow male above right
ready now
​He is sooooo cute and sweet and calm as can be!
This is Maverick,left, from Cookie Kalena and Moses 7 week old pup 
and now to the left at 9 weeks old !!
We are expecting a chocolate litter the 10th of April, below is Hope daughter of Grand Champion Cedarwoods Signiture Browning Copied JH bred to our Highland's Kona Koa