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We are starting off the New Year come February with two litters of White and Yellow puppies. We will be raising these pups in
our kitchen and living room for complete socialization with noises and all ages of people and adult dogs.

While all breeds of dogs have specific markers (bad genes, that are breed specific), we have gone above and beyond most breeders by doing all the Labrador specific DNA tests on our adult dogs. We also do the OFA and OFEL X-rays and have them sent off to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Association. They in turn send back certificates graded as poor, fair, good and excellent. All of our dogs are good and excellent. Copies of these are included in your puppy take-home packet.

If you visit the "Our Girls" and "Our Boys" pages, you will find pictures of our males and females alongside pictures of their pedigrees, certifications, and results of their DNA tests. These are posted to assure our future puppy families that these puppies be free of specific inherited genetic problems associated with the Labrador Retriever.